Arkadiusz Milik’s former partner in Brilliant Creativity. What a design!

Jessica Zeczyk and Arkadiusz Milik met for almost 10 years. But in the end, they broke up and each started a new life. Melek is now linked to influencer Agata Sieramska. In contrast, Ziółek’s fiance is goalkeeper Miłosz Mleczko.

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Jessica Zióek with great design

Jessica Zióek is active on social media. He posts many photos and videos on Instagram. Fans usually comment on each of her entries, and they have quite a collection of them. Ziółek’s profile is followed by more than 126,000. users.

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Arkadiusz Milik’s former partner appears in “A Question for Breakfast” from time to time. On TVP’s morning show, M. About fashion trends. This time she also appeared on television. She later posted a short post on Instagram. Ziółek’s great style drew attention. She was wearing a long, airy dress, to which she chose a short denim jacket.

“Have a sunny weekend. I started my morning with a breakfast question,” she wrote.

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