Another personnel decision for the Polish volleyball champion! The first goal is to defend the title

Aleksandra Greca was born on February 6, 2000 in Biaseczno. She started her volleyball adventure at the local club KS Asto AZD. In 2016 I went to Szczyrk, to the Sports School Championship. At that time, she also represented youth teams from Legionowo. In 2018, she joined the first team of DPD Legionovia, and in the 2020/21 season she defended the colors of the USC Trojans university team. After returning from the United States, she joined the IŁ Capital Legionovia Legionowo. In 2022, I decided to move to Lodz.

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In the 2022/23 season, in the colors of ŁKS Commercecon Łódź, he played 24 matches in the Tauron Liga, scoring 252 points – 177 in attack, 64 in block and 11 in serve. On the offensive, it scored an efficiency of 56%.

Gryka won medals in youth volleyball (gold in the Polish cadet championship and three Polish championships in the junior category). With ŁKS Commercecon, Łódź won the first gold medal at the Polish Championships in his first career and played in the final of the Polish Cup. She also represented the team in the UEFA Champions League.

Transfers in the Tauron Liga ahead of the 2023/2024 season:

In the 2023/24 season, he will again fight for the highest goals in white-red-white. What made Ola Gryka wear a cross-dressing shirt again?

“First of all, the atmosphere in the club. Total professionalism, openness, commitment from everyone, ambition and thirst for victory. With such a team, it becomes easier to overcome the challenges of professional sport – the volleyball player emphasized.

Between seasons, the midfielder has exceptionally had more time to rest. How is her time going?

“I really needed a holiday this year. I sorted a lot of things and got my body back to full health. But for a while, the ball starts looking at me weird and it’s tempting to bounce it. Improvising is fun, but routine and grit are just as important. You have to find the balance,” she said.

Coming to ŁKS Commercecon Łódź, I emphasized that each season should be associated with setting goals to pursue. This year will be no different. So what are the goals of Alexandra Greca?

“My goal is to play a better season than last. The first goal is to defend the champion. The second goal is to win the Polish Cup. The number three goal is to be among the best European teams in the Champions League. Ambitious goals, but as I mentioned before, they are ear-tugging – note the Lodzki Wojcie center.

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