Another coronation for Carol and Camila. Preparations are already underway

King Charles III and Queen Camilla are preparing for another coronation. This time the royal couple will attend the ceremony in Scotland. An event is also scheduled to take place in the gardens of the Royal Palace, with an audience of 30,000. the people.

According to, Charles with Camilla They will head to the north of the UK in the first week of July during the race Holyrood week.

At this time he called a private Scottish coronation ceremony Dedicated service and thanks.

A party of up to 30,000 guests

During the royal couple’s stay in Scotland, “garden party” event in Gardens of the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Participate in the event More than 30,000 guests At the invitation of the royal family.

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Garden parties are an important way the royals can do this Talk to a wide range of people From all walks of life, all of them Have a positive impact on their community“- we read in the message on

Coronation in Edinburgh Cathedral

On July 5, King Charles III and his wife will attend a ceremony Worship in the Cathedral of St. He goes. During it, there will be a transition Scottish Crown Jewelsofficially known as Honors from Scotland.

It is worth emphasizing that the Scottish badge is The oldest surviving Crown Jewels in the UK. They come from the middle of the sixteenth century.

During the ceremony, the king will receive, among other things: Scottish Crown and State Sword and Scepter.


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