Anna Kiełbasińska suffered from illness, exhaustion, and lack of motivation

I had never thought of this run before. After Istanbul, I had a very big mental reunion and I trained because I knew I had to, – said Anna Kipasinska after the 400m race at Friday’s Diamond League meeting in Florence, where she finished sixth.

For the bronze medalist at the European Indoor Championships in March, this race was the first 400m race of the season. She crossed the finish line with a time of 51.76. This result is more than a second worse than her personal best of 50.28. After the start, she admitted that this score was the result of a previous illness and fatigue.

“Honestly, I had never thought about this run before. After Istanbul, I had a very big mental reunion and I trained because I knew I had to do it. I entered the racing season with great momentum and theoretical goals, but on the other hand, I’m a little tired. , also mentally. Sometimes when you lack inner strength and drive, fire, you run like me in this run, at one pace, without a fight – admitted Kiełbasińska.

And she stressed that this is just the beginning of the beginnings and that the current worse form does not concern her in the context of the entire season. – I’m not very happy with myself because I think I can run faster, but I’ve been really sick for the past week. I just ran the distance. I do not want to suggest this for the whole season, because it is known that after illness you always weaken, and the 400m does not forgive such things, especially at my age. You have to wait, the season is long, I’m counting on escaping,” said the player, who will be 33 on June 26.

Kiełbasińska’s season at the stadium began last Sunday with the Diamond League match in Rabat. In the Moroccan capital, she competed in the 200m event, where she finished sixth. There, the Polish woman fell ill, which affected not only the result on Sunday, but also on Friday.

I got sick before the race in Rabat. I had a fever all night, got up, but you can still run 200m on paracetamol. Later, the adrenaline subsided, the plane trip to the country came, the pressure difference and general fatigue – she added.

Despite the fact that the athlete suffered from illness, and now she lacks motivation and is tired, she does not intend to give up competitions in the near future.

– I always think about resting, but sometimes it’s better to unburden and start. When you are sick, it is good to move, because blood circulation improves and regeneration occurs faster. It may seem abstract to normal people, but my body is used to exerting itself, not lying flat, Kiełbasińska emphasized.

However, she does not hide that it is difficult for her to find the motivation to start all over again. – I have been running for 20 years, I have been looking for motivation more than once in my career, I have had different moments. When you’re chasing after something, it’s easier, and when you’re almost satisfied with your career, you have less fire, even though you’re looking for it, the runner admitted.

Three events await her in the near future, including two in which she will compete in the 400m. – On Sunday I run 100 meters at the Janusz Kosochinski Memorial, then I go to Spain for 400 meters and from there to the Almasa League to Paris, where I will also run at this distance. After these meetings, I will take a two-week break from the beginning, said the woman from Warsaw.

The competition in Florence was the third in the Diamond League series. The next event will be held in Paris on June 9th.

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