An investigation after Roger Waters’ concert in Berlin. It’s an SS officer’s uniform.

Police in Berlin have opened an investigation after former Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters performed in the German capital dressed in an SS uniform. According to the police spokesperson, this may “violate the dignity of the victims of the Holocaust”. The official Israeli account on social networking sites commented on the matter.

On Thursday, the newspaper “Jewish News” reported information that an investigation had been launched into the crime of inciting public hatred by the 79-year-old musician. This was confirmed by a Berlin police spokesperson in an interview with T-Online. The case concerns the concerts Waters gave on May 17 and 18 in Berlin and his organ, which – as the police spokesman noted – “could violate the dignity of Holocaust victims and endorse, glorify or justify the National Socialist system of violence and abuse.” The British “Independent” indicated that The musician appeared on the stage of the capital German He wears a black leather coat that “looks like a Nazi SS officer’s uniform” with a distinctive red armband with crossed hammers instead of swastikas, and gloves. Recordings made by the audience indicate that Waters also faked the machine gun rounds.

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Roger Waters is in the midst of criticism

During the concert, the name was also displayed on a screen placed on the stage Anne Frank, Authors of Memoirs Among the most famous testimonies of the Holocaust, as well as the names of several contemporary figures, George Floyd who died After an officer pressed his neck during the intervention, Al-Jazeera journalist Sherine Abu Uqla was shot dead when he entered I reported an Israeli military raid to a camp in Jenin in the West Bank.

Waters’ performance received wide coverage on social media. The music has been criticized before Israelvia the official Twitter profile (run by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs). “Good morning to all except Roger Waters, who spent the evening in Berlin (yes, Berlin) desecrating the memory of Anne Frank and the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust,” the post, posted on Wednesday, read.

Fans of Waters and the music of Pink Floyd point out that the outfit the musician wore in Berlin was very similar to the one in which the hero of the famous 1982 film The Wall appeared in one of the songs. Pink, played by Bob Geldof, appears in such a uniform during his hallucinations – when he believes himself to be a dictator at a neo-Nazi rally. The Symbolist Scene was a clear criticism of similar situations.

After Waters’ performance in the German capital, Waters was also quoted by Sky News explaining that his frequent use of Nazi-related material was “to criticize groups like the Nazis and to show how populist politics easily turns into fascism”.

Roger Waters and Accusations

Entering the Berlin stage, Waters told the audience, “The show is going to start in 10 minutes, and a court in Frankfurt has ruled that I’m not an anti-Semite… To be clear, I totally condemn anti-Semitism,” Billboard magazine reported Thursday. The musician pointed out the same thing The decision of the court, which decided that he could play a concert in FrankfurtIt is scheduled for May 28th.

Roger Waters James Jeffrey Taylor/Shutterstock

before Waters’ concert in Kraków has been cancelledwhere he was supposed to play in 2023. Over the past year, the musician has been controversial not only because of accusations of anti-Semitism, but also because of his attitude towards The war in Ukraine. in September 2022 Waters posted an open letter on Facebook for the first lady Ukraine Olena Zelenska, where he implored her to “end the massacre”. In his intervention, he reiterated the Kremlin’s narrative that her husband is the president Volodymyr Zelenskyis a tool in the hands of “authoritarian, anti-democratic, ultra-nationalist forces”.

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