An important change for first apartment buyers. They will save thousands of zlotys

The House of Representatives on Friday passed a law on the liquidation of perpetual usufruct along with amendments related to the tax on civil law transactions. Exemption from buying the first apartment.

442 deputies voted in favor of the bill, three opposed it and seven abstained. The bill will now go to the Senate for consideration.

Earlier, the House of Representatives approved the amendments he proposed PIS Regarding the tax on civil law transactions. According to them, PCC in the amount of 6 percent. It is to cover the purchase of at least 6 apartments in one investment (in one building or several buildings developed on one property). The purchase of the first apartment will be exempt from tax on civil law transactions.

We are abolishing the 2 percent tax to improve the situation for people who buy their first apartment on the secondary market, said Waldemar Boda, Minister of Development and Technology. The second change, he added, is to “limit the apartment purchase package to The main market“.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Development and Technology calculated that when buying an apartment worth PLN 450,000, the PLN tax on civil law transactions is an additional cost of PLN 9,000. zlotys.

– This is a huge cost that does not account for, and we have to pay it out of our pockets. This is often a hindrance – Minister Boda noted.

Tax on civil law transactions

Tax on Civil Code Transactions (PCC) applies to certain types of contracts, such as loan contracts, the creation of a donation, a donation contract, or the sale of an apartment on the secondary market (in the case of buying an apartment on the primary market, we pay Value added tax).

The tax liability arises at the moment of the civil law transaction and the tax rate is 2% of the real estate sale contract.

By eliminating the PCC tax on the purchase of the first apartment in the secondary market, the government will reduce the income of local governments. They are the recipients of this honor.

Changes related to perpetual usufruct

The same act allowed corporations, individuals and housing co-operatives to obtain ownership of land they owned in perpetual usufruct. The Left Amendment to extend the period that a perpetual usufruct would have to claim land from 12 to 60 months from the law’s entry into force was rejected.

The law amending the Real Estate Management Law and some other laws provides that the price of real estate purchased by a perpetual usufruct who is an entrepreneur will be set at not less than twenty times the annual fee for the perpetual usufruct. In the event of non-use of the property in The economic activity The price will be set at twenty times the current fee.

In addition, within one year of the entry into force of the Act, the perpetual beneficiary of a landed property will be able to request that such property be sold in his interest. Excluded from the claim are land for which a perpetual usufruct was created after December 31, 1997, as well as state treasury land entrusted to the National Agricultural Support Center, the Military Property Agency, or state forests or national parks.

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