An explosion near an oil pipeline in Russia. Drone attack

Governor Mikhail Vedennikov said that an explosion in the Pskov region (Russia) near the border with Belarus damaged the oil pipeline building. He added that the explosion caused an attack by two drones. On-site services.

There was an explosion in the Pskov region of Russia – near Litwinowo Village – Less than 10 km from the border between Russia and Belarus.

As a result of the explosion, the administrative building of the oil pipeline was damaged. He reported the incident on social media Mikhail Vedennikov, governor of the Pskov region.

He said there were no casualties and operational services were operating immediately. He added that it caused the explosion Two drone strikes. This information comes from a Russian official and has not been confirmed by other independent sources.

Fires and similar accidents happen regularly in Russia

This is not the first time such events have occurred in Russia since the invasion of Ukraine. Vedennikov did not name those responsible for the attack. But Russia has blamed Kiev for similar incidents.

Ukraine has not publicly recognized the implementation Attacks against targets inside RussiaBut sometimes the top officials in Kiev seem to be welcoming News about successful drone strikes on Russian soil.

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In Russia Fires and other accidents happen regularly. Two days ago, in Moscow, at night above the building of the Russian Defense Ministry Witnesses noticed thick smoke. Russian state media reported conflicting information. First, he wrote about the fire and then denied the news. The Tass news agency also reported that eyewitnesses emanated a “sharp smell” near the building.

Recently, residents noticed a plume of smoke rising on May 24th. There were also reports of a drone at the scene.

Earlier, May 7, A fire gutted the fledgling apartment complex Novi Ochakov.. The construction site is located near the Academy of the Federal Security Service in Moscow.


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