After the accident, they closed one lane of the Warsaw South Corridor Tunnel. Eight hours of idle

For eight hours, one lane of the Southern Bypass Tunnel in Warsaw was closed after three vehicles collided: a lorry, a lorry and a passenger car. Police officers were directing traffic, and drivers were stuck in a huge traffic jam.

– The traffic jam on the S2 road is already eight kilometers long. Drivers have to slow down at the level of the Obach intersection, and congestion continues to increase – Artur Węgrzynowicz from reported around 4.30 p.m.

He added that police officers were present at the scene to direct traffic. – At about 17:00, the officers decided to close the entrance from Aleja Krakowska to Ursynów, after 7 pm the remaining leaks from the wrecked vehicles were still being cleared, and the traffic jam was more than 10 kilometers – our correspondent described.

Traffic resumed shortly before 8 p.m.

Difficulties on the S2 routeArtur Węgrzynowicz,

Services are still in place

The accident occurred before noon on the road to Wilanow. Part of the S2 road at Ursynów Peak is blocked by vehicles. “A collision occurred between a truck, a passenger car and a delivery truck. No one was hurt. The road to Terespol has been blocked,” the General Directorate of National Roads and Highways said in a statement.

– A truck, a van and a car collided. Initial reports indicate that the accident occurred at 11:45 am. The entrance to the tunnel towards Mińsk Mazowiecki was closed. Sergeant Patrick Dumariqui of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters Press Section said just after 12.00 that a lorry had been involved in the collision. GDDKiA estimates that difficulties may continue until around 2 p.m.

The accident occurred before entering the tunnel. Route S2 towards Terespol is closed. One person is under the care of the medical rescue team – confirmed Bogdan Smutter of the municipal headquarters of the Warsaw State Fire Service. He added that four firefighting units and an operational team are working at the site.

You can talk about a miracle.

Tomasz Zieliński, a reporter from, went to the site and shared the first results.

– Everything indicates that the left tire of the tow truck exploded, the car turned over, broke through the barriers and drove into the oncoming lane. It collided with an iveco delivery truck and a BMW passenger car – our correspondent’s description. He added that an LPR helicopter landed immediately, but did not pick anyone up. There were also three ambulance crews and three fire brigades. – At the moment, S2 is blocked in the direction of Terespol from Puławska Street. Firefighters secure a diesel leak from a truck. The tank had a hole in the railing that the car had crashed into, Zelensky described at the time.

He noted that the direction of the other POW was also jammed, because one of the lanes was closed. – Drivers notice the aftermath of the collision – reported correspondent. – You can talk about a miracle. The speeding truck broke through the barriers and crashed into the opposite lane, but no one was injured. It’s a great happiness – summed up our correspondent in the morning.

Main image source: Artur Węgrzynowicz,

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