Additional flavor to the Blachowicz-Pereira fight. It will be a small personal match

– Acclimatization went well, 100%. It remains to cut off the last kilograms, but I’ll leave that on Thursday night. The most important thing is not to overdo it and not spoil something – not to pick up some exact punches or chops, – said Jan Bachowicz (29-9-1, 9 KO, 9 Sub) a few days before the fight at UFC 291. As it turned out, the upcoming match will have an additional flavor of the former US heavyweight champion.

Pole will enter the cage at night from Saturday to Sunday. His opponent will be former middleweight champion Alex Pereira (7-2, 6 KOs). The Pole spoke about the end of preparations for this duel.

What should have been done has already been done. I wouldn’t change anything at this point. Of course, we do the training – we focus on reaction time, speed and recovery. In addition, you need to repeat the items that you need to pay attention to and that we want to use during the duel – explained in an interview with Pawe Wyrobek.

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In addition, he added that he felt very confident and the pre-season went well.

– I’ve always been confident. There may have been some bad moments in my life, but in general I am always confident. The camp was great, just as I wanted it to be. I wasn’t worried about anything. I’m glad I’m doing this and that this fight was so close. I’m happy to enter the Octagon with a name like Pereira and test myself against a striker like that.”

It’s no secret that Pereira’s domain is the place to stand. It is unlikely that the Brazilian will want to fight Balashović on the floor. “Prince Cieszyński” himself is prepared for such an eventuality, but he sincerely doubts it.

– How much does MMA do? Two years? You can’t make up for it at that time. Unless it’s a great “talent” but I doubt it. We’ll find out on Saturday. I firmly believe that if the fight goes to the ground, I will deal the cards. Of course, we also trained takedown defenses and reverse combat. “You have to be prepared for anything,” he said.

It is worth noting that Glover Teixeira will most likely appear in Pereira’s corner, that is, the player who defeated the Pole in October 2021 and took the championship belt from him.

“If they just focus on Glover’s experience fighting me, that’s a plus for me and I’ll be happy for that.” I have to be ready for a fierce battle and a little personal match. Glover is now retired, so at least in this way I can try to return to his fellow club, – said the WCA Fight Team competitor.

Blachowicz has also stated that he respects his closest rival, but approaches dueling with a combative attitude.

– I’m here to defeat him. With this situation, I go to the weight and fight. Of course, respectfully and athletically.”

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