Abandoned school in the middle of the forest. This is what the ghost village in North Opole looks like. Once upon a time, 300 people lived in Kamenik, today no one!

There used to be a steel mill here. At that time, 300 people lived in Kamenich. Today it is a nature reserve that looks as if someone left the place in a hurry. You can feel the excitement of seeing an abandoned school with abandoned books. See for yourself.

In the 18th century Kamenec had a population of 300. It is located on the Olesno – Opole road, and was close to rich deposits of iron ore. In 1728, metallurgical plants were opened here: first in Kamenyk, and a year later in Szumirad. These ovens were expanded and modernized in the following years.

Mid-Forest villages also belonged to Szumirad:

  • kamenik
  • radomil
  • your ricks
  • Cottages
  • Subish.

Three large metallurgical furnaces and a forge were built in Szumirad, a furnace for iron refining, the so-called Frischfeuer, a rolling mill established in Radomil, and a furnace for burning ore and brick stone in Kamieniec.

In 1795, a huge kiln was built in Kamieniec in place of the old kiln. Iron ore was transported from the northern parts of the Olesno region.

As early as the 19th century, two large family homes for metallurgists were built in Kamieniec. One of them was recently demolished by the Olesno Forest Inspectorate, as it is in danger of collapse. Every day, dozens of horse-drawn carts passed through Szumirad and Kamieniec: with mail, iron ore and molten iron.

However, there was still a school in Kamenec in the 20th centuryAnd in Szumirad, in addition to the school, there is also a large holiday resort.

Today, more than 150 people live in Szumirad and Kamieniec… nobody. There are five houses in a settlement in the middle of the forest, but their owners come here only for weekends and holidays.

The last family was destroyed by the Olesno Forest Inspectorate, because it was in danger of collapse. In our photos you can see what this family was like before the demolition.

Inside, in the building of the former school, are books, furniture, notes, and dishes. Everything is covered in a thick layer of dust. The school building is open, and there are also new souvenirs: bottles of alcohol and leftovers.

– The former school is private property – notes Daniel Jagat, Mayor of Lasowice Wielkie. – The owners of the house and the district officer informed us that strangers enter the house and spend the night in it.

An abandoned school in Kamieniec, a forested settlement near Szumirad Miroslav’s dragon

A former Kamienic village, teeming with industrial life, has become an abandoned settlement in the middle of the jungle, but there’s nothing bad that won’t work out forever.

– There is a Kamieniec nature reserve, next to it in Szumirad there is a Smolnik reserve – says mayor Daniel Gagat. – In cooperation with the Olesno Forest Inspectorate and LGD Dolina Stobrawa, a shelter for tourists and educational trails will be built.

More than 60 percent of the area of ​​Lasowice Wielkie Municipality is occupied by forests, most of which lie within the boundaries of the Stobrawsko-Turawskie Forest Protected Landscape Area.

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