A whirlwind in Podkarpacie. The wind tore off the roofs

The tornado passed over Wierzawice (Podkarpackie County). The fire department said the high winds damaged the roofs of nine buildings. It was also dangerous in other parts of the province.

On Tuesday, a storm front passed across Poland, bringing heavy rains and strong winds. in part of the country The RCB alert was in effect Warnings in orange imgw against thunderstorms.

The wind blew the roofs away

Around 19 pm in Wierzawice near Leżajsk (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) A short-lived hurricane has passed. According to firefighters, the strong winds destroyed the roofs of nine residential and commercial buildings. The fix is ​​in progress Storm Building insurance.

Whirlwind over WierzawiceStormwatcher Network

On Tuesday, Podkarpackie firefighters intervened 74 times in connection with the storm front moving across the county – the duty officer at the county crisis management center reported at Rzeszow Peter Dean.

Activities mainly involved removing water from basements and properties. They had the most action in the following areas: Dębicki – 32 tackles, Leżajski – eight, Krosno – six and four tackles in Strzyżów and Brzozów – he said.

As pointed out by the WCZK duty officer, three power lines and 23 transfer stations are not working in the district, thus 793 recipients are still without electrical supply, especially in Sanok and Mielec district.

Main image source: Stormwatcher Network

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