A two-year-old boy is sentenced to life imprisonment. The Bible was found with him

North Korean authorities are merciless to Christians. The court sentenced the two-year-old to life imprisonment. At first, the boy will probably end up in a closed center, and when he reaches adolescence, he will be transferred to a prisoner camp.

The story is revealed in International Religious Freedom Report by the US State Department.

According to the authors, he is two years old and his entire family They were condemned because of their religious beliefs. The main clue was that there was a Bible in the house.

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The child is likely to stay in Private closed center. After reaching adolescence, you will be transferred to concentration camp stomach for Criminal and political prisoners.

Execution and torture

This is not the only case Persecution of Christians in North Korea. According to the authors of the report, the authorities often decide this the kill in front of the death squads.

shot They are not just adults however Also children.

It is also common torture. One of the victims who managed to flee the country reported that Christians were imprisoned in dark rooms With my hands tied. It is done this way They could not sit or stand.

The report stated: “It was the most painful torture ever. It was so painful that I felt it was better to die.”

Thousands of persecuted

According to information provided by Open Doors USA “Christian is never safe” in North Korea.

He will now be imprisoned in the camps up to 70,000 Christiansof the total number 400 thousand are in the country.

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Most of these people hide their faith from their children and friends.

official authorities in North Korea Ensure religious freedom for its citizens in the constitution. As evidence of this, Kim Jong-un’s regime shows arrivals in the country Churches in the capital, Pyongyang.


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