A mysterious glowing circle. It was recorded on video

An Argentine photographer captured an unusual phenomenon in Patagonia. Gabe Chavez recorded a mysterious circle of light over the snowy hills. It turns out that ice crystals floating in the air are responsible for the unique sight.

The video was taken at Cerro Catedral Ski Resort in Patagonia. “Is this a portal to another dimension?– asked the author of the recording: “Nature always raises eyebrows,” Gabe Chavez added.

The movie reveals An unusual phenomenon over the snowy slopes. You can see it big circle of light.

Spotlight in Patagonia. It is made of ice crystals

While a shot may resemble a frame from a science fiction movie, these types of observations are well known to meteorologists. This is an optical phenomenon known as a subun, a type of halo.

In this case Sunlight reflects off tiny ice crystals floating in the atmosphereCreate an extraordinary aura. The particles are often in the form of hexagonal plates.

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This phenomenon occurs, as a rule, in cold, but bright regions. “In this case, we can see a lot of bright spots. Ice crystals reflect light like a mirrorGabe Chavez explained.

Anderson in southern Argentina. The video captivated netizens

The video, posted on Instagram, received wide coverage on social media. There were also joking comments referring to the video being taken.portal between dimensions“It’s time to go back where I came from my friend,” one person wrote.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. Incredible and charmingadded another.


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