A fire in a historic church. Lightning struck the temple

In the United States, a historic church in the town of Spencer, Massachusetts, burned to the ground. Eyewitnesses say that lightning struck the temple, which caused a fire. Firefighters were unable to put out the fire.

A report on a fire in an area of ​​12,000 square meters. Residents of Spencer, Massachusetts, greeted firefighters on Friday after 15 pm local time. The historic church caught fire from 1863 First Church of Congress by Main street.

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United States of America. Church fire. Church collided with temple

Recordings circulated on social media show that the fire spread rapidly, which firefighters tried to combat in vain. Fire engulfed the entire temple, and the flames reached a height of several meters.

The fire also affected the church tower. The video shows how the church structure collapsed onto the church building, which caught fire.

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Local media quoted eyewitnesses, NBC Boston reported that the fire was caused by a lightning bolt that struck the church steeple. Services have not confirmed this information. It is not known if anyone was injured in the fire.


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