A fierce match between Poland and Germany! Volleyball players started the representative season

Mateusz Pinek won the first point for the Polish national team in 2023 with an effective attack. But in the first group, the German volleyball players got the advantage (6: 9). They presented themselves well at reception, played effectively in attack and presented themselves well in the service area, which translated into the score. In the middle of the set, the guests jumped four points (8:12, 11:15). The Poles tried to minimize their losses, but the rivals held the advantage to the last. Ace was added by Erik Rohrs (18:21), and in the last action he successfully attacked Linus Weber (21:25).

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The second set is again a good start for the Germans (7:10). White and Red made up for their losses after serving Mikoaj Sawicki (11:11). However, the middle of the set went well for the visitors, who jumped in by five points (13:18). The Poles began to make up for their losses. Kamil Seminyuk showed brilliantly, and after a successful attack by Artur Zalbuk, the hosts connected (21:22). The Germans had a set piece at 21:24, but the Poles’ finish was a knockout. Karol Buterin showed a series of good plays, and Bennick won the final point (26:24).

The brilliant finish gave the wings to the Polish volleyball players, who successfully started the next match (10: 6). The quality of the guests’ game deteriorated slightly, and as a result, in the middle of the group, the team of coach Nikola Gerbic was already firmly ahead (16:10). In the end, she took control of the situation and won this one-sided set convincingly. He closed it off with an effective attack from Sawicki (25:19).

The Germans did not give up and from the beginning of the fourth quarter returned to serve well – Lucas Campa served 2 aces (1: 3). They took risks in the field of service as well. Later in the set, another point in this element is added by Moritz Reichert (10:14). Compared to the previous match, the roles were reversed and this time it was the German volleyball players who finally took control of the situation. Reichert set the score at 17:25 with an effective attack and called both teams a tie-breaker.

The decisive set also began with Kampa’s point service (0: 2). The Poles made up for the losses (5: 5), but later the visitors had an insignificant advantage (6: 8). After a great job completed by Eric Rohrs, they jumped by 3 points (9:12). After the time had passed and the coach had been reprimanded, the hosts broke into the fight (12:13). Tobias Crick won the ball of the match with an attack from the middle, after which Rohrs cut into the double block and ended the competition (13:15).

In the first matches of the season, the coach of the Polish national team, Nikola Grbić, could not use the services of all players. The team lacks players from the two best teams in the recently completed club competitions – Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Jastrzębski Wegiel, as well as Bartosz Kwolek and Pawe Zatorski. Michał Gierżot, who will not be in the squad for the first VNL 2023 tournament, could not play due to injury. Mikołaj Sawicki, Dawid Dulski and Kuba Hawryluk made their debuts in the Polish national team.

Summary of the match Poland – Germany:

Poland – Germany 2: 3 (21:25, 26:24, 25:19, 17:25, 13:15)

Poland: Grzegorz Łomacz, Bartłomiej Bołądź, Mikołaj Sawicki, Artur Szalpuk, Mateusz Bieniek, Karol Kłos – Kamil Szymura (libero) and Dawid Dulski, Marcin Komenda, Kamil Semeniuk, Karol Butryn, Mateusz Urbanowicba, Kolsky. trainer: Nikola Gerbic.
Germany: Moritz Richert, Lukas Kampa, Anton Brehme, Erich Rohrs, Linus Weber, Tobias Crick, Robin Schott (left) and Johannes Thiel, Dennis Caliberda Lucas Massey, Jan Boehm, Leonhard Graven, Jakob Gunthor. trainer: Michael Winarski.

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