A bus carrying children collided with a passenger car. Two people were taken to hospital

In Końskie (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) a passenger car collided with a bus carrying 29 children. The driver and passenger of the car were taken to the hospital and the road is blocked.

The accident occurred on Tuesday morning. – Before 8 o’clock in the morning, we received information that a collision of a bus with a Skoda passenger car occurred on the 728 district road at the height of Staszica Street. There were 29 nine-year-olds on that bus. These are the children of Sagittarius small In the town of Masłowice, Radomsko County – reports Senior Commander Mariusz Čabelski, press officer of the Koskie Fire Brigade.

– During our operations, none of these children reported injuries, but we had to evacuate the driver and passenger from the Skoda. They were in serious condition, and we handed them over to the medical rescue teams. The spokesman said an ambulance was at the scene.

The fire brigade said that the efforts of the firefighters at the accident site had ended, but the road was still blocked in both directions. “There are detours, and police operations are still going on. From what we’ve determined, it appears that priority was forced by Skoda passengers and the bus hit the driver’s seat,” Chapelski said.

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