2. The Great Mahshi Festival in Bialystok. This event should not be missed

It will be a great event for a good reason. On June 4, the second Great Stuffed Festival will take place at the City Stadium in Białystok. There will be a lot of attractions not only for football fans and music lovers. The program includes a football tournament, the Great Star match, and concerts.

In the Star Match, the Horde team will meet Pectus. They announced their engagement, among other things:

  • Taras Romanchuk
  • Paul Bruzek
  • Lukasz Zaluska
  • Jacek Krzynowic
  • Piotr Swierczewski
  • Jacob Worzeniak

After the sports passions, it’s time for the audiophiles. During the concert, among others. Pectus, InoRos, Liber, Maestro Chives, and Biaystok rapper PIH.

– We’ll play the free concert. We believe that wherever there are children, whenever we need them, we are there too. I am glad that I will be able to participate in such an event in my hometown, PIH believes.

Among the main partners is Jagiellonia Białystok, and the strategic partner of the event, organized by the Szpikowani Foundation, is the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

– We always participate in such projects. And wherever there is a noble cause, that of promoting our own, there we are, too. I really appreciate this initiative and I am glad that we, as the self-government of the province, are participating in it – says Marshal Artur Kosecki.

– Full admission to events and concerts is of course free thanks to the support of sponsors and the county. You will also be able to buy bricks on site. I must admit that they need to raise money, either to run the center or to help children with leukemia. We are in a rather difficult situation at the moment. We currently have three people who require very expensive treatment. Let’s hope it all works out.” Rafal DubejkoPresident of the Szpikowani Foundation.

During the event, the following areas will be open: games (darts with Thomas Frankowski, games and animation with Rafael Masirac, balloon flight, photo booth, inflatables, face painting, ping-pong; sports (Torbokozak with Gabor, training with the champion – high jump , basketball, volleyball) or health (first aid workshops, body composition analysis, blood bus, sightseeing ambulance.

2 The Great Packed Festival will start on Sunday – June 4 at the City Stadium in Bialystok in 9 children’s tournaments in which about 500 young players will participate. The All-Star Game will start at 15, and the concert at 18.30.

– The festival is open to everyone who wants to spend a June Sunday in an interesting, useful and cheerful way, and at the same time – help children and young people in difficult life situations – those who are under the auspices of the Szpikowani Foundation – encourage the organizers of the event.

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