18-year-old Paula died in hospital. They explain whether the doctors acted correctly

Incidents in Paula’s life happened quickly and tragically. An 18-year-old – everything indicates – could have received professional medical help in hindsight. It started with the flu, and ended with the girl’s death. The case of Pola from Piašićno was announced “Attention! TVN. We are checking what the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ombudsman’s Office have found for patients’ rights. Łukasz Łubian material from the program” Polska i Świat “.

Pola Zawersi from Piašecno was 18 years old and had her whole life ahead of her. She was full of energy, curious about the world, and loved reading books. Teenage girl caught the flu. She had a 40-degree fever. The internist ran an exam, prescribed medication, and ordered a chest X-ray to check for pneumonia. Paula and her mother went to the hospital in Biaseczno for an examination.

She returned to the hospital in Piašecno by ambulance

Sylvia Grzelczak, Paula’s mother: – I gave him (editor) this referral and doctor’s recommendations. He stated that like every 18-year-old “we will be hospitalized, there will be no places here”. He asked when the medications were taken. “about an hour ago.” He said, “Please pay attention for two or three days. If you don’t get better, please come back.”

After two days, the treatment had no effect, Paula’s condition deteriorated, the girl could not catch her breath, and finally, before midnight, an ambulance took her away.

– The ambulance took her to the nearest hospital, of course, and she was taken to the emergency room again, to the hospital in Pyasichno. Her parents couldn’t go with her, as she was already an adult, so she stayed there in the hospital. Her parents texted her. These text messages are terrifying – describes Martyna Africa, a reporter from “Notes!”.

Texting at 2:59: “But I don’t know if I’m going to live through this.”

And the last text: “I can’t breathe.”

Krzysztof Zawiercie, Paula’s father: – The whole drama is probably that between midnight and 6 am nothing happened on the doctors’ part. one to help her.

The family claims that at the hospital in Piašecno, their daughter was not provided with assistance besides admission to the ward. The reporter of the newspaper “Attention!” Paula’s story for the first time. TVN Martyna Aftyka.

See the report “Notes!” TVN: Why couldn’t 18-year-old Paula be saved? “I can’t breathe, that was her last text”

Parents also confirm that they feel she was conscious before the age of six, after which they found their daughter immersed in the tube and passed out. And doctors from other Warsaw hospitals: the Ministry of the Interior, Administration and Cherniakovsky Hospital confirm that it is very important to do this when there is acute respiratory failure to connect the patient to the appropriate device as soon as possible, notes the correspondent.

A few tens of minutes is the difference between life and death.

Paula was taken to Warsaw hospitals in serious condition. First Chernyakhovsky, then the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, where, unfortunately, she died.

“From the moment I took part in this, I saw the great dedication and great professionalism of everyone on the team. In the case of acute respiratory failure, it happens that even several tens of minutes is the difference between life and death,” says Dr. Konstanto Zodrzynski of the Ministry’s Central Clinical Hospital. Interior and administration in Warsaw.

– In the absence of equipment or organizational capabilities in a particular facility for patient care, it is critical to seek help in other hospitals. This is the duty of doctors. Time is of the essence here, says Carol Corso, a Fairfield attorney.

The first hours in the hospital in Piašecno and the question of what was done to save Paula seemed decisive. Only when Martina Avtika showed up with a sign that read “She was refused admission to the hospital. Why wasn’t she examined by the doctor on duty?” The facility’s management told the reporter that an internal investigation was underway. We asked if it was over. Not answered.

Paula’s case will be investigated by the Ombudsman for Patient Rights and the Public Prosecutor’s Office

Clarification activities were undertaken by the Office of the Patient Rights Ombudsman. Officials required all entities involved in Paula’s treatment to obtain medical records. The hospital in Piašecno had seven days to do so.

– To this day (Friday – Ed.) They have a deadline for submitting these explanations. Today is the deadline for that day is not over yet so we wait until Monday. If of course we do not receive these medical documents, we will contact the facility. We also have other options for working in relation to the hospital. We can even investigate the matter on the spot and search this hospital – confirms Katarzyna Koziu from the Office of the Ombudsman for Patient Rights.

The death of Paula was also explained by the Warsaw Prosecutor’s Office, but due to the quality and initial stage of the investigation, it does not provide information on this matter.

– I got to know him a lot. After all, my children could also have such a story. On the other hand, it’s not just about children. It concerns each of us. We end up in the hospital and the doctors in charge of our health and our lives, they just don’t seem to be doing what they should be doing. This is not possible – summed up Martina Avtika.

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