12 children were taken from the foster family. What happened near Wągrowiec?

Drama in Wielkopolska. On May 24, 12 children were taken from the family in Wągrowiec district. As many as 10 of them were in foster homes. What was going on in the house near Wągrowiec?


Large two-storey house with large windows on the ground floor. Near the lake, playground across the street. The perfect place to raise children.

On May 24, a kindergarten teacher in a village near Wągrowiec noticed bruises on the body of two charges.. Two children of 4 years old, a boy and a girl, have been in a foster family for some time with Mr. and Mrs. B. Since the injuries may indicate violence and beating of the children, the kindergarten teachers reported it to the police, and after that everything was downhill: an ambulance arrived immediately and the Commune Center Welfare Department notified the kindergarten teacher.

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On the same day, medical and police rescue teams and several minibuses arrived in front of the house where the children were raised. The decision was made to take the children. everyone.

– The person who reported the case was a teacher from an educational institution. It turned out that the children had already had external injuries. Efforts were made to examine the other children living in the house, and injuries were found in them during the medical examination. There were no internal injuries or fractures. Ten children have been placed in care facilities in Wągrowiec district. Two four-year-olds are under observation in the hospital

– said Michał Zieliński, Voivode from Wielkopolska, who took part in the crisis staff meeting on May 25 from 12 o’clock. Apart from him, Wągrowiec star, Nakło star and police representatives were present.

What exactly are childhood injuries? unknown. According to the press officer of the Powiat Police Headquarters in Wągrowiec, Dominik Zieliński, the details are under investigation by the Public Prosecutor. Unofficially, however, it is said that the boy and girl had bruises on their bodies, which may indicate that they were subjected to physical violence. The doctor decided to keep them in the hospital for observation. The rest of the children were examined at home on the day they were taken from their families. Marg B. was taken into custody by Fogrovic Police.

– Child care. All of them are covered by psychological support. Since the beginning of these activities, I have been in contact with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivode

– assured Voivode Zielinski.

Jan and Shanita G (data changed for children) have been running a foster family since 2015. Around that time, they moved to a small village, buying a large two-storey house in a nice area. Then they had three children and many adopted children. The woman did not work, she was raising them – she is 49 years old. When Jan got into an argument with the neighbours, she was supposed to shout: Come home, because the children are crying! He is 58 years old. Around 2018, they moved to another province. They have lived there for several years, and in the summer of 2022 they return home near Wągrowiec. They brought 14 children with them, including three biological and one adopted child.

As it turned out, when they first lived near Wągrowiec, the guy was supposed to work at one of the educational centers in the area. Unofficially, it is said that he had conflicts with the young men there, for which the contract with him was terminated by mutual agreement. What did he do later? Unknown, but it hasn’t been working lately. That’s what the neighbors say.

Jan G., according to neighbors, was specific. Not integrated with the environment. He wasn’t a neighbor who came over for coffee. In fact, he had not spoken to any of the neighbors down the street. He called the police several times over trivial matters. This is because the concrete mixer works on Sundays and the house is disturbed. This is a report of a neighboring couple: the dogs must be neglected. None of the reports have been confirmed. The guy next door says: “neighborhood plight”.

There was even a struggle between families over the fence! P. was supposed to argue about an incorrectly erected high wall
A spokesperson for the Wągrowiec police had no knowledge of the police interventions at P.

– The family did not live in Wągrowiec for long. No incidents of interest to the police or law enforcement agencies have been reported

– says D. Zieliński, adding: The family is now covered by the blue card procedure. Her past is investigated, from the time of her first residence in the town near Wągrowiec and from the time they lived elsewhere.

Some time ago, Jan G. was supposed to apply to the municipality for permission to convert a farm building into a residential building. He did not get permission to do so because the height of the rooms was too low. However, it was there, in the former garage or pigsty, that the children lived. How did they work? P. built something like “tunnel” From the utility rooms to the house. A low conductor covered with a felt roof was to substitute for a corridor and a room connecting the house and outbuildings. It was completed “isolation” Part of the pigsty by applying polystyrene foam to it, and fixing it with mounting foam. The building was heated by a goat, and neighbors say it wasn’t properly installed. A few months ago, a chimney was supposed to damage the wall of a neighbor’s building next door. During the intervention, the police called the firefighters. The landlord – G. – did not want to cooperate with the services.

– If there is polystyrene on this facade, it will catch fire, and my son is building a house there. The whole wall is black

– says Michał Stróżewski, a neighbor of the G.

Did the neighbors hear anything that might indicate violence? no. – We are apart from them, we don’t talk to each other, – says the neighbor from the next house, adding: the children walked like clockwork. They set aside hours to play in the yard next to the house. As time passed, they obediently ran home. Only one boy among the twelve said “Good morning” for neighbors.

– They seem to use those kids quite a bit, there was an all inclusive system there

says the woman who lives next door. They were supposed to do a lot of housework: washing, cleaning … But there was no sign of violence.

Only Anna’s mother remained in the house, which until yesterday was the home of a large foster family. When asked to speak, she exclaimed: “Do you believe in Allah? I believe , “Then he hid in one of the lower rooms in the courtyard. Don’t want to talk. – I’ll punish them myself, – adds a man who came to the local store with delivery. He adds: “But I don’t know them, they haven’t hung out with anyone”.

On Wednesday, May 24, in the evening, 10 children left the residence. – They walked like a sentence, until the heart broke, – said the family’s neighbor P. Everyone was taken to a safe place, the voivode assures that “Children take care of them”. The services are waiting for the court’s decision to take the children away, and then it will be possible to place them in other foster families – not only in Wągrowiec County, but also in the place where they lived before.

Let us remind you that this is not the only case in which children are immediately taken away from families in Wielkopolska. At the beginning of the year, 10 charges were withdrawn from the B family. From Modelizio. One of them, a primary school child, allegedly testified that she had been beaten. The case is still pending at the Gniezno Prosecutor’s Office, and interrogations are ongoing.

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